The 411 On Southern Tier Title Agency

Located in beautiful Sullivan County, New York, Southern Tier Title Agency is the premier title insurance company in the area. They pride themselves in their unparalleled level of customer services while incorporating cutting edge technology in how they deliver title insurance services to their customers.

What makes Southern Title unique is its creation of its sophisticated business model. This model streamlines title and abstracting services to provide customers with resources for future expansion possibilities in the future. Southern Tier

By using this business model, Southern Tier has been able to create an agency of sufficient size for implementation of new technology just like a big national branch office would. But by being a small firm with these capabilities allows for Southern Tier to give more of a hands-on approach and edge to their local customers within the greater Sullivan County area rather than customers having to do business outside the area to get the same service.

One key member in creating this type of business model and approach is Howard Schoor. A philanthropist, humanitarian and entrepreneur, Howard serves on the Board of Directors for Southern Tier Title Agency. With his help and dedication he has made Southern Tier Title Agency one of the most technology advanced title agencies in the country. To learn about Southern Tier Title Agency visit and to learn more about Howard Schoor visit

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