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The Rift 2016

The Rift 2016 kickass Download Free Movie Torrent

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The Rift 2016

Chapin Estate Lake Club

Moving into the Chapin Estate is a lot more then the spacious, luxurious homes on oversized homesites with postcard type views. It is also about the lifestyle it creates for its residents.

ChapinLakeClubOne enormous amenity within the community is the Chapin Estate Lake Club.

This rustic looking club has it all! Great for large gatherings and intimate get-togethers, the clubhouse includes a catering kitchen, a soaring fireplace, Members Lounge, cocktails, barbecues and more.

Stay fit and healthy with the club’s Yoga classes plus there is a full gym/fitness center equipped with state-of-the-art cardio equipment and weights.

Club members also get full access to the landscaped outdoor pool, a pavilion that features Sunday brunch and a luxurious lounging deck.

To learn more about The Chapin Estate Lake Club visit and to learn more about Howard Schoor, the man that has helped make the Chapin Estate, the luxurious community it is today visit

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The Community YMCA Strong Kids Benefit

On Saturday, July 28th, 2012 hundreds of people came together in Red Bank, New Jersey to support a great cause. During that night, The Community YMCA held a benefit concert featuring country music artist, Clint Black, with the opening act being local native Greg Trooper. Strong Kids Logo

The concert titled “Goin’ Country For Kids Strong Kids benefited the Community YMCA Strong Kids Program. The program helps to strengthen the local community by helping to advance programming and services that support youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

This year’s event honored long-time Y advocate and community leader, Timothy J. Hogan who is the regional president of Meridian Health’s Riverview Medical Center and Bayshore Community Hospital.

One big benefactor to the event was humanitarian and philantrophist, Howard Schoor and his Schoor Family Foundation. Mr. Schoor was extremely excited to participate in this charitable event and knows his donations will benefit a great cause.

For more information on getting involved in the Community YMCA visit and to learn more about Howard Schoor and his humanitarian acts, visit

Sisters of the Good Shepherd at Collier

Founded on the principle that “one person is of more value than a world”, The Sisters of the Good Shepherd is dedicated to assist women and children in a variety of non profit, non-denominational social service agencies and programs that operate in different communities across the United States and Canada.  collier youth services

Their commitment to one another as a network is based on the unrelenting desire to better serve children, youth and families who are marginalized in society due to poverty, exploitation, addictions and family conflict.

Founded in 1927 under the direction of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, Collier Youth Services was born. These services include programs to provide the guidance and support and give young people a chance to grow and show their excellence.

Philanthropist and Humanitarian, Howard Schoor is a long time supporter of Collier Youth Services and the Sisters of the Good Shepherd. In 2009, Mr. Schoor joined the Province Business Advisory Board Committee for the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in Astoria, NY to assist the Sisters in both short and long term planning.

To support the Sisters of the Good Shepherd visit and to learn more about Howard Schoor visit

Temple Beth Shalom

Since being founded in 1978, Temple Beth Shalom in Manalapan, New Jersey has grown from a congregation of just a few individuals to over 500 families.

The mission of this Temple is to teach its members the experience, power, relevance and joy of the Jewish tradition. They are able to fulfill this mission by constantly performing acts of kindness and continually studying the Jewish tradition on an ongoing basis. The congregation prides itself in creating a caring and vibrant center for Jewish life.  moManalapanTemple

One very important goal of Temple Beth Shalom is creating a Mercaz, also known as center for Jewish living. By achieving this goal, people will feel inspired to pray, study and socialize together and then successfully pass on these traditions to future generations.

One person who has help make this congregation successful and fulfilling for its members is philanthropist and humanitarian, Howard Schoor.

Mr. Schoor has received much recognition from the congregation for his generous contributions towards the Temple’s renovations and expansion of its educational and recreational facilities, which is now named after his father, Samuel Schoor.  Howard also provided a matching grant to upgrade the lobby-reception area of the synagogue which is named after his mother, Sadie Schoor.

To learn more about the charitable contributions Mr. Schoor has made throughout his professional career visit and to get more involved in Temple Beth Shalom visit

Showplace Farms – A Top Standard bred Horse Training Facility

Howard Schoor has been continuously active in the standard bred industry for over thirty years as both an owner and breeder of harness horses. Part of his love for these harness horses, Mr. Schoor created Showplace Farms in 1978 which remains the country’s foremost training center for standardbred horses.

Located on 150 acres in Millstone Township, New Jersey, Showplace Farms provides a year round training facility and a dedicated staff for all your harness horse needs.  The facility had a brand new, multi-million dollar renovation which includes a new 5/8 mile euro-designed racing track. showplace farms

Besides the track, Showplace Farms features a rustic half-mile wood chip trail in the woods, a heated, indoor 90,000 gallon, swimming and therapy pool, a nine-sixteenth mile sand track and several Equi-sisers.

For more information on this amazing facility for horse lovers visit and for more information on philanthropist, humanitarian and entrepreneur Howard Schoor, visit

Like Howard Schoor on Facebook:
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The Robert Wood Johnson Hamilton Foundation

Established in 2004, the Robert Wood Johnson Hamilton Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that seeks benefactor support for various programs throughout the Robert Wood Johnson Health System facility including the Hamilton Hospital branch. RWJFoundation

One way the foundation raises philanthropic support is by its annual golf tournament. This year, the event just celebrated its 22nd year at Cherry Valley Country Club in Skillman, New Jersey.

Featuring a very challenging golf course this year’s tournament included a four-person shotgun format with the first and second place winner’s receiving prizes.

One very charitable person that took part in the event was Howard Schoor. Mr. Schoor has raised significant dollars to help many worthy causes in New Jersey and around the nation. He is very proud of this charity and continues to help in various ways in making it successful for the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton.

To learn more on how to get involved in the RWJ Hamilton Foundation visit and to learn more about philanthropist and humanitarian, Howard Schoor visit

The 411 On Southern Tier Title Agency

Located in beautiful Sullivan County, New York, Southern Tier Title Agency is the premier title insurance company in the area. They pride themselves in their unparalleled level of customer services while incorporating cutting edge technology in how they deliver title insurance services to their customers.

What makes Southern Title unique is its creation of its sophisticated business model. This model streamlines title and abstracting services to provide customers with resources for future expansion possibilities in the future. Southern Tier

By using this business model, Southern Tier has been able to create an agency of sufficient size for implementation of new technology just like a big national branch office would. But by being a small firm with these capabilities allows for Southern Tier to give more of a hands-on approach and edge to their local customers within the greater Sullivan County area rather than customers having to do business outside the area to get the same service.

One key member in creating this type of business model and approach is Howard Schoor. A philanthropist, humanitarian and entrepreneur, Howard serves on the Board of Directors for Southern Tier Title Agency. With his help and dedication he has made Southern Tier Title Agency one of the most technology advanced title agencies in the country. To learn about Southern Tier Title Agency visit and to learn more about Howard Schoor visit

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